Live My Life

Live My Life provides a genuine and rich cultural experience for the participants in two ways. Firstly they discover another Zenith agency culture – different ways to work and grow together and interesting initiatives they can bring back to their own agency. A few weeks later they become the host and welcome another participant into their home, and to their agency. Therefore all participants are exposed to two cultures, creating maximum learning opportunities…

IMG_9526It was absolutely tremendous experience, Zenith helped me to make my dream come true! USA is one of the most developed countries in the world, I was lucky to meet really big American family.
During 2 weeks of my stay I dove into rapid NY Zenith office life, met lots of interesting people and lived my American life in full. (Olena Shpak)

10608431_876752479002905_7863235920727156423_oThe journey to the Middle East was absolute surprise for me, as I faced a lot of things that are usually not available to ordinary tourists. Everything was quite different there – the culture, city infrastructure and interpersonal relationship. The most interesting for me was to work in the multicultural team. Dubai is the place where people of different cultures, religions and with different worldviews work together, and the oil-based economy enables the most incredible ideas to be realized. It really inspires you to work and travel. (Elena Shutuk)

DSC06680-320x240Participation in «Live My Life» was one of the most interesting and brightest adventure in my life!
It was not only opportunity to see “another world” with open-minded, free people with different from us culture, traditions and mindset in general.
But also it was HUGE experience for me as for specialist in media – I have learned a lot of new approaches, methods, innovations for US clients. Now it helps me not to stop on current level in my work and push me try harder for our Ukrainian clients.
Thank you Zenith for this opportunity, for experience I have learned from American colleagues, for support and for unforgettable moments!!!! (Oksana Stupenko)